Design para Democracia #1: Democracia e Mídias

11 July 2017


Unisinos POA, Porto Alegre, Brazil

A public debate organized by Seedinglab (Desis Network)


Event overview

In response to a letter from designers Ezio Manzini and Victor Margolin entitled Stand Up for Democracy, the SeedingLab (Research Laboratory for Strategic Design for Cultural and Social Innovation affiliated with DESIS Network) has created a series of events to discuss the role of Design for Democracy: to question it, to strengthen it, to break it, to recreate it … in short, to give voice to a renewed citizenship, aware of its role and its action.

We invite the design community of Porto Alegre to respond with this call!

From June until the end of the year we will have monthly meetings with different formats, where we will stimulate discussion, exchange and project action.

The first meeting brings the teacher Maria Helena Weber (UFRGS) to talk about Democracy and Media.