We’d like to give some prominence to another important moment of discussion about design and democracy, approaching on next summer, and curated by some of the people that developed the Democracy and Design Platform. In fact, this year The Academy for Design Innovation Management Conference 2019 (London, 28-21 June 2019) will be organized around many interesting […]

On the 25th October (10:00-12:30), during the Dutch Design Week, Design Academy Eindhoven and the DESIS Philosophy Talks are organizing the DESIS Philosophy Talk “Regenerating Democracy: a Design Contribution #6.5″. It will be a collective discussion on how design relates and contributes to and redefines democracy, particularly when working with cities. This seminar is intended […]

In the prestigious framework of Participatory Design Conference 2018, that will be held in Hasselt & Genk (Belgium) from 20th to 24th August, the discussion on design and democracy will continue. As already happened in past events in Kolding and in Rotterdam — the Talk will inquiry about design and democracy and, given the main theme of […]

Allow us to notify you something a bit different from our main topics, but nonetheless it might catch your interest. On November 7-9, 2018 inUniversidade de São Paulo. São Carlos. Brazil., the XXII INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF THE IBEROAMERICAN SOCIETY OF DIGITAL GRAPHICS will be held. This year the 22nd Congress of SIGraDi takes on the theme […]

If you are interested about what could be the future role of design in shaping the public sphere, be sure to not miss Torino Design of the City (9th-16th October). TDC it’s going to be a privileged stage for dialogue, gathering professional designer, policymakers, citymakers and citizens in many events through the city. If you […]

On 12th October, a round-table talk called “Democrazia e Design” will take place at MIAAO, LabOratorio di San Filippo Neri (via Maria Vittoria 7/a, Torino), during the prestigious event Torino Design of the City (9th-16th October). In this context, “Democrazia and Design” will offer its contribution, as part of the initiative Stand Up for Democracy, […]

DESIS Philosophy Talk @TRANSIT
September 12, 2017

As follow-up of the dialogue started in Kolding for Cumulus Conference, in response to the Stand Up for Democracy’s Open letter, a new “DESIS Philosophy Talk” with the title: “Regenerating democracy: a design contribution”. This open conversation, as part of TRANSIT Conference “Learning for Change: a Journey through the Theory & Practice of Transformative Social […]

La Fabrique du débat public
August 5, 2017

The main aim of Democracy and Design Platform is to activate and foster the growing debate on the current state of democracy, by asking the design community to make a stand. We are also doing our best in order to give visibility both to theoretical and written contributions and to those events happening worldwide, which […]

On 20th June 2017, the seminar “Democrazia e Design. Contributi per una democrazia progettuale” will be hosted at Triennale Design Museum in Milan, in collaboration with the Department of Design and School of Design of Politecnico di Milano. The event is Triennale’s contribution to the initiative “Stand up for Democracy”, promoted by the Democracy and […]