Service Design Drinks Milan #9 – Design X Democracy

15 June 2017


Polihub, Milano, Italy

About the event (from the Service Design Drinks team)

Design Drinks Milan #9 – Native Culture Edition

The speakers of the evening are people from the community.
We want to put a spotlight on the community, to get to know each other and strengthen our growing exchange.

ssd democracy

More about the topic: Design X Democracy 
We are now living in a time where the principles of democracy – or the values we deem most important of a liberal and progressive democracy – are challenged and even threaten. Ezio Manzini and Victor Margolin had recently called for the whole design community to “stand up” and act to tackle this pressing issue via an open letter addressed to the worldwide design community:

[…] Faced by these developments, we believe the design community should take a stand, speak out, and act: practitioners, researchers, theorists, students, journalists, publishers and curators – all who are professionally involved in design-related activities.[…]

Service Design Drinks Milan proudly support this open letter and the statements it declares, as we deeply believe that design can have a saying in what we agree is a very challenging scenario for the future. The event explores collectively the implications and extent of our position regarding this topic, and the output of the event will circulate and be submitted to the platform.

We will listen to projects and case studies shared within the community, followed by a moment of open discussion

Alessandra, Claudia, Luca, Marihum and Martina

Kindly hosted by PoliHub
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