Democracy, from, to and for everyone.
Utopias but Believe in it, is the first step to create new realities.

Better realities.

The world is hostile; a sea of privileges and disadvantages: Nationality, gender, sexual orientation, level of education, political view, religion, discipline and others. Our story is not our own only.
We share our short time in this planet with others beens. Empathy is the fundamental to see ourselves in the other-one that maybe looks, dress, speak, believe different. Empathy and understanding that the other have the same needs of love, contention, success. Democracy is not broke. Sometimes we need to feel scarcity of it to appreciate the existence of it.
If we can understand the pain, that we as a humans feel sometimes lonely and empty.

We will create a better world where that the other one is equal in will and dignity.

Juan Camilo Silva Riveros

Humboldt Universität zu Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Fields of Action
It sets a stage on which diverse actors can come together and democratically collaborate in shaping their present and future world. It engages diverse people and publics in co-design and co-production processes concerning different aspects of their everyday life.
It refers to all the design initiatives that are particularly responsive to the goals of democracy. It may deal with the provision of basic human rights (such as access to food, shelter, health care, and education) and, more in general, with the transition towards a more resilient, fair and sustainable society.


Economical Behaviour


VR Games